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Furniture consultancy

To achieve the best results we encourage clients to invite us into their design process right from the beginning when interiors are just about to take shape. Our furniture consultancy service involves understanding you, your personal needs as well as your vision. Once we find out about your exact requirements, we can then work with you to tailor plans according to the function of your joinery. This can be especially beneficial in case of a complex function – a kitchen, to begin with. Our experience with various design solutions combined with our expert product knowledge ensures that we propose the right specification for every client, every time.

Production design

We work with our clients to create unique items that incorporate their needs, their style and complete their interiors, opening up room spaces or hiding corners they don’t fancy. We work closely with architects and interior designers on board to turn their visions of the desired joinery into detailed production drawings. Our connection with craftsmen and artisans enables us to incorporate materials such as wood, metal, glass, stone, fabrics or leather into our design.

From a simple desk in a study all the way to a walk-in wardrobe or a high-tech kitchen we are familiar with traditional details or the latest innovations to choose from. Combined with our project management service, we can oversee the entire process from conception to its completion.

On site ...

After creating a concept and receiving an assignment from you we will need accurate measurements of the space we need to work in. Precise dimensions and geometry are the key elements we will need to create detailed plans and production drawings which then become the base of high-precision production. Our team will take all the time they need to survey the interiors and build up our 3D model of your space.


At the end of the complex production process we offer a full delivery and installation service by our in-house fitters. Logistics is key – we aim to fit everything in the shortest time and highest quality possible. With a usual 2-5 carpenters working on-site we assemble the joinery, connect internal lighting, fit worktops and the built-in equipment that doesn’t require specialist fitting. We leave the site clean  with all joinery parts finely adjusted, sealed and treated with oil or lacquer if needed. Consistent with our values, GZB doesn’t consider a project to be complete until the joinery and the surrounding space has been cleaned after installation and approved for quality by GZB and the client.