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How we work

A peek behind the curtain


It’s benefitial for the whole project if you consult us about your joinery as early as possible in the design process. Following our first meeting you will be provided with a schematic design plan and quote that specifies the selected finishes. At this stage, the plan and finishes can be fine-tuned and the quote amended accordingly. Once the plan has been finalised, you will receive a formal document or contract and a deposit is required before the project progresses to the manufacturing stage. Our team will communicate in detail with you about the payment process and there won’t be any surprises.

Production line

Following the agreement our well-skilled joiners will manufacture your joinery to high standards using best practice techniques. Designing and manufacturing quality custom cabinetry takes time – several steps at various departments or locations until every detail is precisely finised. Our team is solution focused and doesn’t take shortcuts which means you can be assured of quality joinery techniques that provide solid, long-term structure and functionality, as well as high-end aesthetics. We will keep you updated with the process and work closely with all the other contractors according to the agreed schedule. The joinery will be installed taking time and care to ensure every detail is finished to perfection. Consistent with our values, GZB doesn’t consider a project to be complete until the joinery and the surrounding space has been cleaned after installation and approved for quality by GZB and the client.

Materials & Manufacturing

At GZB the production process includes professional quality materials and fixtures exclusively. Our cabinetry comes in a wide range of spray painted, laminate or veneered finishes as well as solid wood. Our bespoke worktops are made of any natural or technical stone of your choice. Glass fronts and shelves are also available in various finishes and colours, while the possibilities of recessed and exposed  lighting solutions are almost endless today. When it comes to fittings it’s only professional products we work with: Blum or Häfele hinges, slides and light fittings, Blanco sinks and accessories, to begin with.

We are more than happy to provide you with sample packs or suggest a finish / product depending on your requirements. Avoiding mass production completely, all pieces of joinery will be tailored to suit your needs and style.